About US

Who We Are

MediaLab provides tools for scale to businesses of all sizes. From social media management and ad creation, Google My Business, SEO & SEM, to sales funnel optimization, CRM integration, and sales plan development. You can expect more qualified leads, more appointments, and higher closing rates. 

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around

Targeted engagements, leading to lower costs of sale, and higher conversion rates. This is the recipe for growing your business, big or small. 

We are obsessed with growth!

We Know What Works

MediaLab was born to promote cohesiveness and efficiency within your organization by presenting your brand to prospects who are ready to buy. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or an owner operated coffee shop, our goal is the same, grow your business through engagement with your target demographic.  


Are you a start-up struggling to bring your vision to life in your brand? We can help you too! Our brand consultants will take a personal approach to understanding your goals, vision, and mission and work WITH you to build a brand you can be proud of.  

Meet The Founder

David Neal

David Neal

Founder & CEO

David’s experience growing brands in multiple industries, and passion for helping businesses reach their true potential, has shaped MediaLab’s obsession with growth.

After spending 12 years in the United States Army, David has dedicated his time growing organizations in the construction, real estate, development, service, and direct to consumer industries. David plays a direct role in business development and takes pride in his client’s growth success.


Our Values


Marketing does not have to be confusing, and we believe you should not be left to question your true return on marketing investment. Our team prepares and distributes customized reports that make it easy to see how your marketing efforts are performing. These analytics are the lifeblood of your sales funnel, and our goal is to provide you with the insight necessary to be confident in your investment. 


The digital world is changing by the second, literally. MediaLab remains in the forefront of digital marketing innovation through associate continuous learning programs, networking/engagement within the digital marketing community, and constant in-house testing of algorithms and trends. 


As an organization rooted in diversity and teamwork, concise and clear information must be shared. Through a balance of persistence and patience, collaboration builds trust among our associate teams and clients. Collaboration shines light on strengths and provides a team approach to improvement.